Jim (18754) - adopt
Name Jim (18754)
Breed Lurcher
Age 8 Months
Gender Male
Suitability Children 8+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment Yes
Live with a cat No
Adoption Criteria Training will help them settle into their new home
Training Requirements Training would help me settle into my new home

Darling little Jim isn't his usual jubilant self, he's feeling incredibly sad and confused being away from everyone and everything he knows, but we're certain Jim is going to land on his paws and find the most loving forever family. Jim has always been a much loved member of his family, however due to unforeseen circumstances, his family simply could no longer care for him. Now Jim is looking for his second chance at happiness - he will bring so much joy and laughter to his new family.Jim is a fun, playful, kindhearted little soul, who is incredibly affectionate, loving, and gentle. Lurchers make really wonderful pets. Although they are tall and all legs, they can be light on their paws, and curl up in the smallest of beds or stretch out full length of the couch! They love to run off lead and burn energy and then have a lovely lounge and snooze after. Exercise is so important for all dogs and lurchers are no different. Jim loves to play with other dogs, go on walks and outdoor adventures, and snuggle on the sofa with his family in the evenings after his walks.

He has lived with cats before so would be suitable to live with cats, and could live with another dog pending a meet.