Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to accept any new volunteers at present.

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As a charity, the DSPCA is supported and enhanced by the efforts of our dedicated volunteer base. From animal care roles to dog walkers, education talks and tours, administrative duties and events, we ensure that our volunteers are involved in all aspects of our work and are valued in everything they do. Our volunteers are a critical part of the day to day operations of the DSPCA. We are incredibly proud of our volunteer programme and the contributions made by our volunteers, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to join us and donate your time and expertise. Scroll down to find how to become a DSPCA volunteer.

 Corporate Volunteering

The DSPCA works with many companies across different sectors who take part in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team building and volunteer days. They take place every week at our site, located in the Dublin mountains. The DSPCA is a popular choice for companies as it allows staff to give back to the community by doing something meaningful and what is personally of value to them. Staff get to work hands-on with the animals, be outdoors and be active in the fresh air. It is a hugely rewarding experience and increases staff morale and wellbeing.

For more information email [email protected]

 Becoming A DSPCA Volunteer

  • For insurance purposes, all volunteers must be 16 years old or older. We cannot take any volunteers who are under 16 even with adult supervision.
  • You must have transport directly to the DSPCA. Bus routes only come within 1/2 to 2 miles from the shelter.
  • New Health & Safety regulations require anyone working in Animal Welfare must have a current Tetanus shot.
  • Garda Vetting is now compulsory for anyone volunteering at the DSPCA. As a result, the application process can typically take 2-3 weeks to complete. We cannot submit the application for Garda Vetting until we have received the following; Completed Volunteer Application Form, Proof of ID, Payment of the Garda Vetting Fee (€ 5.00). For those under 18 years, a parental consent form is also required.
  • Volunteers must attend an orientation at the DSPCA. Orientations take place on the first Saturday of every month.