Sponsor a Tree

Sponsor a Tree

The DSPCA, in partnership with The Tree Council of Ireland over the next 3 years will be planting over 2,000 native Irish trees on their 32-acre site on Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham in South Dublin. The DSPCA’s plan is to become Carbon Negative by 2025.

Biodiversity projects on the site of the DSPCA Centre already include a cultivated wetland area of 4.5 acres which processes all of its wastewater and this next stage is helping to decrease the Charities carbon footprint further. The native wooded areas will also become important habitats for local wildlife, an education tool and a point of interest to our many visitors as the trees mature. The main varieties of trees we will plant are Oak, Cherry, Holly, Alder and Willow. In Ireland less than 11% of the country is planted in trees, the second lowest percentage of forest in cover in Europe where the average is over 35%. The plan is that these woodland areas planted at the DSPCA will be primarily native board leaf trees.

To help fund this Biodiversity Project the DSPCA are launching a Sponsor a Tree programme which enables people to commemorate a special event, remember a loved one, make a donation on behalf of a school or workplace or give the gift of a tree by providing the opportunity to have a tree planted in the name of a person or group of their choice.

This tree will be numbered and a certificate will be issued recording the name of the person or group for whom the tree is planted.

The sponsorship of a tree is more than the tree itself. It is part of a project as a whole and includes the lifelong maintenance of the planted areas. It also allows the DSPCA to continue to work to promote responsible pet ownership and respect of the animals through our Education Programmes and we hope to use the funds raised to upgrade our Animal Ambulance Fleet to Electric vehicles.