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I'm Sponsoring Ewok

Sponsoring A Pet at the DSPCA makes an ideal gift for you or someone you know who values and cares about animals. By choosing to sponsor one of our animals in the programme you are contributing towards the cost of their care at the shelter and supporting the thousands of animals that need our help each year. 

Thank you for sponsoring Ewok - Read his rescue story below.

Little Ewok came into the care of the DSPCA so that he could be cared for live a happy life. He was living in a housing estate which really isn't suitable for a farm animal. This little guy was too young to have been separated from his mother. PJ who looks after all the farm animals had to bottle feed to make sure he would grow big and strong and healthy.

Ewok went home with PJ every evening so that he could have his night time bottle. He is a little character and a typical cheeky little giddy goat. You can see Ewok and his big delightful ears hanging out with the other goats and his his pal Daisy the little lamb.