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I'm Sponsoring Elvis

Sponsoring A Pet at the DSPCA makes an ideal gift for you or someone you know who values and cares about animals. By choosing to sponsor one of our animals in the programme, you are contributing towards the cost of their care here at the shelter and supporting the thousands of animals that need our help each year.

Thank you sponsoring Elvis - Read his rescue story below.

This stunning wise boy is Elvis. Elvis came to live at the DSPCA in 2019 when he was surrendered as an unwanted pet. Goats are cheeky little characters with lots of energy and love to chase you around and give the odd head butt! They do make great pets but they need lots of space and trips to the farrier to keep them in top health. Elvis lives at the shelter with lots of other goats but his best pals are the horses. He loves grazing with them and trots around with them during the day and sleeps happily with them at night time. You can see Elvis along the DSPCA nature trail. He enjoys saying hi to all the visitors. He loves his food and will nudge you if you’re munching on a yummy apple - sharing is caring after all! Goats can live up to 18 years. They are sensitive, intelligent animals that need to be handled with lots of TLC. Elvis is a character and the staff and volunteers love his funny ways and his cheeky personality.

Sponsors will receive a gift pack that will include:

  • A Photo cert and story of your chosen pet
  • A DSPCA Car Sticker
  • DSPCA Drawstring Bag
  • All presented in a keepsake box