Dog Owner Surrender Form

Please read fully and carefully

You must answer all questions and do so honestly.

Forms which all questions are not answered will not be added to the list and you will not be contacted. We unfortunately do not have the time to follow up and gather this information and all questions have been added for a reason.

Please note that we will call you in due course to go through your application once it is received. You will receive a call from 01 4994710 please save this to your phone and if you receive a missed call please call us back ASAP.

We unfortunately cannot hold kennels for people we find difficult to get in touch with. Our main priority is the sick and injured so please be patient in waiting to hear from us – it may be a few weeks before you receive a call. There will a surrender donation to go towards the care of your dog while at DSPCA.

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Personal Details

Dog Details

If NO please contact a vet ASAP to have this booked as your dog must be vaccinated to come into the shelter, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot afford a vet, please visit our Mobile Vet clinic to have your dog vaccinated. Click here to know more.

Reason For Surrendering Your Dog

Please provide as much information as possible, being completely honest in order for us to place your dog in the correct home. Add details on your dog’s likes / dislikes / personality / temperament / travels well etc.

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