Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

The DSPCA is a popular choice for companies who wish to give back to the community through their corporate volunteer programmes. Employees can come visit the shelter and work hands on with the animals in our care for a full or half day.

Areas & activities that you can work with:

♦ Walking and socialising the dogs in our adoption and treatment kennels.

♦ Walking and socialising the dogs in our Pet Spa and Hotel.

♦ Socialising the cats in our cattery.

♦ Cleaning projects

♦ Painting projects

♦ Gardening – weeding, hedge trimming, planting, etc.

Please contact Orla or Suzanne on to check availability and book in a date.

Includes use of our Log Cabin for the day

  • Tea/Coffee/Biscuits
  • Lunch not included

Morning Session

9.30am Meet in main Animal Shelter by Orla Solan our Volunteer Co-ordinator.

  •  Volunteer Group brought to DSPCA Cabin, leave belongings etc.
  • Volunteer Orientation talk.
  • Questions and Answer Session.


10am-1pm #volunteering


Areas you will be volunteering in:

Volunteering with the DSPCA Pet Spa & Hotel!

You will be volunteering with our DSPCA Pet Boarding staff, who will show you how to walk, and socialize our resident dogs and cats.   We have a large area surrounding the kennels where you can play fetch/ball with our Kennel dogs and a more serene and calm Cattery for socializing with our guest cats.

Volunteering in the Main Animal Shelter, this will involve volunteers being broken up into three groups.  


  1. Volunteers for our Treatment Kennels:  These are our most vulnerable dogs and dog handling experience is essential, you will be walking and socializing these dogs in the surrounding shelter environment.


  1. Volunteers for our Dog Adoption Kennels: – The dogs in these kennels are ready for adoption and have been cleared by our veterinary department.  Again volunteers will be walking and socializing these dogs.


  1. Volunteers for our Cattery: – This is the most serene part of the shelter and most certainly for cat lovers.  In the afternoon, you will work with our Cattery staff in socializing and playing with our cats.  You will also help with the cleaning of the pods and runs.


11.15-11.40 Coffee Break in Cabin (Tea Coffee provided)


1pm – 2pm     Lunch


2.00-3.30      Return to your designated area for last session


3.30/4pmAll Volunteers to meet our Volunteer Co-ordinator in the DSPCA                Cabin for a meeting to discuss the day and chat about future opportunities with the DSPCA.


Please note that the DSPCA depends on the support of people and organizations for 90% of our annual costs.   The charity absorbs a cost when hosting our Corporate volunteer days so a donation of €300.00 is required for a full day with us or €150.00 for a half day.

Maximum amount of people in one day 12






A few policies and guidelines for everyone:

Health & Safety – as you may be working with animals that may carry disease we ask that you wash your hands between animals. Please follow all health and safety notices and staff instructions. If you have any pets at home wash your clothes and your shoes and your hands before having any contact with your pets.

Medical Matters – If any of you have a medical condition that we should know about, please let us know. It is imperative that you are safe when working at the shelter, and we will be operate as best we can around any volunteer’s individual medical condition.

Walking Dogs. – Please ensure you follow all instructions regarding walking individual dogs like wearing a harness or muzzle, etc. If there is a notice about checking with a member of staff before walking a particular dog, please adhere to this.

Toilets – Staff & Volunteer toilets are located beside the main reception.

Children – No children under 16 years of age are allowed volunteer for safety and insurance reasons.

Breaks – we have our coffee shop which sells hot and cold drinks and some snacks (crisps, biscuits, popcorn, chocolate, etc)  For any corporate groups working a full day our lunch break is from 1-2pm and you must bring a packed lunch with you.

Dress Code – When working in the Treatment centre, Dog Rehoming or Cattery we advise you to wear mucking out clothes and boots, wellies or waterproof shoes, not open toe shoes. We also advise you wear long trousers and not skirts or shorts as the animals may get excited to see you and they may jump up on your legs. Personal Belongings – We would advise you not to bring any valuables with you to the centre. Please ask the staff where you can store your belongings in the area you are working in. The DSPCA is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal items.

InjuriesAccidents – All volunteers are required to use all caution and established procedures when working with shelter animals. If a volunteer is bitten or scratched, you must notify a member of staff immediately. An accident report must be filled out, as required by our insurance carrier, and must be obeyed. For the safety of the animal, visiting public, volunteers and staff, all bites must be reported as a bite may be an indication of an animal’s health or behavioural problem and must be checked out. We have first aid kits throughout the centre.

Smoking – Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings in the DSPCA.

Unauthorized Areas – Volunteers are not to be in any unauthorized or unapproved area (i.e. isolation area or office areas) without staff approval.

Confidentiality – The DSPCA respects the volunteer’s right to privacy and confidentiality. In turn, volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are exposed while volunteering with the DSPCA.  We deal with cruelty cases that have to remain confidential for legal matters. We do ask that all volunteers do not discuss any shelter business, animals, procedures, staff, customers, etc on any socal networking site or any other methods of communication like telephone calls, email, etc.

Fire Safety – Upon notification of a fire or explosion by the facility PA system, PA tone alarm, fire alarm, or as directed by staff, all volunteers should evacuate the building immediately in accordance with the evacuation routes and report to the assigned or nearest evacuation relocation point or location designated at the time. The main evacuation point is in the car park in front of the dog training field.

Feedback and Suggestions – We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our volunteers. As you go about your volunteer activities, you may notice ways to improve the quality or efficiency of your volunteer service. We ask that you share these ideas with the Volunteer Coordinator by email –  If you and your team enjoys the day you are more than welcome to become a regular volunteer with us, email if you wish to become a regular volunteer once you have completed your corporate volunteering day.

Thanks so much for your commitment and dedication to the DSPCA, we hugely appreciate it.