Bobby (18192) - adopt
Name Bobby (18192)
Breed Labrador Cross
Age 2 Years
Gender Male
Suitability Teenagers 13+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training would help me settle into my new home

Gorgeous Bobby came to us from another shelter and is now looking for his forever family! Bobby is still a young active boy so he is looking for an active family. Bobby would benefit from training to help him settle into his new home and bond with his new family. He could potentially live with another dog, pending a meet.

Labradors are great dogs who are full of life and love. Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds. They are so smart and do need an owner who understands this and can cater to their needs. Collies absolutely love to learn and can learn quickly. They are very loyal and make great companions. With this boy being a cross of both these breeds Bobby is going to make a super pet, so smart and loving! 

Please be advised. 

We Do rehome to families with Children. 

We Do rehome to families in apartments.

We Do rehome to families in rental accommodation. 

We Do regularly rehome puppies. 

These adoptions are not always as straight forward as other adoptions, however, our adoptions team are willing to discuss options with families on a case by case basis based on lifestyle and experience of each family. This will not be possible with every dog but our restrictions on each dog are a guideline only. To discuss any dog for adoption the best thing to do is visit the shelter and chat with a member of the adoptions team.