Bebe (19247) - adopt
Name Bebe (19247)
Breed Staffie
Age 2 Years Old
Gender Male
Suitability Teenagers 14+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help him settle into his new home

Our Bouncy Bundle of fun Bebe!If you want a companion who will keep you active and entertained this guy is for you. Bebe came to us from another rescue ! Bebe greets everyone with a wiggle and a wag, he loves company and would love a family who can spend lots of time with him as he will be a great companion. This guy is so friendly he can sometimes be a bit bouncy, its just his enthusiasm to make friends and with the right training he would soon learn how to say hello with his bum on the ground. He is so eager to please he would thrive in training.