Ash - adopt
Name Ash
Breed Pony
Age 13 years approx.
Gender Male
Adoption Criteria Companion only

Ash is a 2008 grey pony. He came into the DSPCA in August 2020. He was a stallion and was found running loose in a housing estate with blue rope around his neck. He was in good body condition but was suffering from a bad eye injury. The eye could not be saved but he recovered well from his operation. He was castrated in September 2020 and has been turned out with a 3-year-old stallion, young colt and colts recently castrated. He has not been turned out with mares. He has a particularly nice temperament and would make a very good field companion. He has been easy to introduce to the other male horses here. Ash would make a lovely companion pony.

My Perfect Home Paddock:  Approx. 2 to 3 acres’ paddock with natural shelter. Shelter:  Natural shelter only would be OK but would need to have access to a field shelter or stable during the winter months. Companionship: Geldings only Farrier: Good with farrier but needs time to get to know new people Vet: Good with vet but needs time to get to know new people Stable: Good in stable, but needs to be able to see his field companion