Agreement for Adoption of a Horse or Donkey

Agreement for Homing of Horses & Donkeys

The DSPCA cares for many sick, injured and cruelly treated horses and donkeys at our rescue and rehoming centre in Rathfarnham. From time to time we seek permanent foster homes for these animals. If you think that you could provide such a home and would be interested in finding out more, please contact our rescue and rehoming centre at 01 499 4700 and ask to speak with PJ Doyle.

Below is the Agreement that is put in place with any person who agrees to provide a home for one of these animals.

  • Agreement for Homing of Horses & Donkeys
    The Society or its representative shall have the right to visit and inspect the Animal at any time;
  • A qualified Veterinary Surgeon shall be consulted by at the expense of the Borrower in every case of sickness, accident, disability or disease affecting the Animal and the advice of such Veterinary Surgeon shall be strictly followed by the Borrower;
  • The Borrower will immediately notify the Society in writing of any change of his address or of the address at which the Animal is kept;
  • The Borrower will provide the Animal with proper food and stabling and attendance and do all that is reasonably necessary to keep the Animal in sound health and condition;
  • The Borrower shall not use the Animal nor permit the Animal to be used for breeding purposes without the previous consent in writing of the Society;
  • The Animal shall not be used for the purposes of a riding establishment or lent out on hire or otherwise allowed out of the Borrower’s permission;
  • That No warranty is given by the Society as to the fitness of the Animal for any purpose;
  • That the Borrower shall indemnify the Society and its servants against any claim for injury or damage caused by the Animal;
  • That any foal born to the Animal (providing that the Animal shall be female) shall belong to the Society which shall be entitled to take such foal at any time at the Society’s discretion;
  • That in the event of the Animal being no longer required by the Borrower or becoming unfit for work by reason of disability or age or if the Society or any of its officers or servants shall so demand at any time the Animal shall be forthwith returned to the Society whereupon this agreement shall be deemed to be terminated;
  • That in the event of the death of the Animal the Borrower shall at his expense send promptly to the Society a Veterinary certificate stating the cause of death.