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Hi I’m Pattie and I’m a 3 year old Patterdale.

Suitable in a home with adults. Needs to be the only dog.

Can not live with cats. Experienced active owner needed. 

Pattie came to the DSPCA in a terrible state. She was picked up by our inspectors after we received a call about a dog in distress. When she came back to the shelter is was clear that she had been through a lot. She had lots of cuts to her face and she was very stressed. She has been a very good patient and her wounds are healing nicely. Pattie has been on foster with one of our veterinary team for the last while and here’s what she said about her;

Pattie is really high energy once she’s settled in. She is also a bit skittish. She came in with very bad injuries to her face/chin and it was thought she might have been used for badger baiting, which after seeing her on walks I would not be surprised. She will pick up a scent and pull with all her might on the lead to follow it, any rabbit holes or anything & she will dive down them. She is good on walks but definitely a puller. My mom was trying to walk her twice a day & she also has quite a big garden but felt that if she didn’t get for the second walk that she could get quite wound up. So, someone who is quite active would be good.

Pattie will chase animals smaller than her (cats, small dogs) & did not do well with the neighbours small dog. She was very good with my moms other dog who is about the same size as her & had no issues with any dogs bigger than her. She is very good at jumping and does not really have any manners when it comes to furniture, she will jump on the table & chairs & is very pushy about getting food.  She was not very well toilet trained when arriving but has since improved and will use newspapers during the night.

I had her in a crate in the car and she was very well behaved, but she did vomit (she didn’t on our first trip). She is a really sweet dog , she loves cuddles and wants to be around you constantly. She can get nervous of loud sounds so a confident understanding owner would be ideal.

Breed Information: Terriers are a fun active breed. They have lots of energy and love their walks and off lead time.  They love to learn and like to please. Even though most terriers are small don’t let that fool you – they have lots of energy! Adult training classes will help dogs settle into family life. Continuous training is also very important for dogs and their owners.