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Hi I’m Kerry and I’m a 3 year old female German Shepherd.

Suitable in a home with adults. Needs to be the only dog.

Can not live with cats. Experienced active owner needed. 

Kerry came to the DSPCA through our inspectors. She was brought into the shelter with very sore feet. Both her hind paws had severe lesions on the outer pads causing her a lot of pain and distress. She continuously bit at her feet. Her feet were possibly like this for months. She has been doing really well. Her feet were washed daily with a special treatment and bandaged after. At first she didn’t like it but over time she became easier to treat and enjoyed some peanut butter during her treatments. Kerry loves playing ball and she loves to learn, she’s very clever. She has spent time in a foster home and here’s what they said about her;

Kerry’s doing great, still going at her feet but day by day she’s improving. If she has a bone or a chew toy, we’re able to take the cone off her for a while.

On walks she’s good, she pulls a little on the leash, but because of her feet, we haven’t been walking her a lot. She isn’t interested in dogs that are smaller than her, but dogs her size or bigger, she does react. Lead reaction training will certainly help – she’s so smart that she will love to learn how to relax approaching dogs while out and about. She loves treats which is great and it will help with her training. The last walk we were on, a large dog was about 20 metres and Kerry saw her but didn’t bark, I was able to distract her with treats. She loves learning and knows, paw with both hands, sit, stay, down and roll over.

Breed Information: German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds. They are so smart and need an owner who understands this and can cater to their needs. They absolutely love to learn and can learn quickly. They are very loyal and make great companions. They look up to their owners and will always aim to please. They do wonderful at agility! Adult training classes will help dogs settle into family life. Continuous training is also very important for dogs and their owners.