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Hi, I’m Donner and I’m a 7  year old Greyhound

Suitable in home with children 16+. Suitable in as the only dog in the h0me.

Not suitable to live with cats.

I came to the DSPCA after I was rescued from Dublin Port. I was being transported overseas with 11 other greyhounds. We were all cramped into small crates with no food or water. I’ve been cared for so well at the shelter and loving all the attention. I’m told I am the sweetest girl and I love to be cuddled. I walk great on the lead and like all Greyhounds, I love my comfort. I’m going to make a wonderful addition to home.  Donner has spent a lot of time is a wonder foster home and I think you’ll agree from their notes that she’s certainly a dog worth loving :o)

Please note that Greyhounds must be muzzled and are not permitted to be off lead.

Donner (known to us as Bonnie) is a special dog who deserves a special home. She would thrive in a relatively calm home and with a family that is willing to be patient and understanding so that she adjusts to her new circumstances. This goes for any dog going into a new home :o)  Donner took a few weeks to become settled in our home, but as she grew more comfortable with us her lovely personality began to show. Once she is comfortable around you, she is a sweet, gentle, silly, playful, mischievous, and loving dog. 

Donner can be wary and shy in certain situations, like when meeting strangers or when spooked by loud or unexpected noises or movements, but this tends to have very little impact on her day-to-day life. She copes very well with living in a household and going out for walks.

Although Donner is not a high-energy dog and will happily sleep much of the day away on her favourite sofa, she does benefit from an average of one hour of exercise per day, and ideally this exercise would be a mix of walks with lots of sniffing, some off-lead or long-line time spent running and playing, and some mental stimulation activities. She enjoys her walks and is great on the lead, she also travels well in the car.

Donner has been friendly and played well with other similar-sized dogs when off-lead in a secure closed and safe environment. Sometimes on-lead she can reactive a little to strange dogs approaching which can be managed with lots of yummy treats. However, she is generally unfazed by other dogs and people on walks as long as they respect her space. Donner has been enjoying mentally stimulating activities like sniffing out treats in the grass and getting treats out of puzzles, boxes, egg cartons, etc., but despite being food-motivated we haven’t had any success yet with teaching her tricks like sit, lie down, etc. She will however pick up on more general commands such as stay, come, no, up, out, etc. Donner enjoys having some playtime every day, whether that’s just doing zoomies around the garden, playing with her soft toys, or bouncing around with her humans, especially if they have treats!

Donner loves a good neck scratch and likes to be in the company of her family, whether that’s watching TV with them in the living room or relaxing in the garden with them. She is an avid counter-surfer so food must be kept well out of her reach – she’s a tall girl girl and likes her food :o) She loves lounging on sofas so be prepared to have yours taken over, and she will sleep well through the night on her own as long as any initial barking is ignored. It’s amazing to see how Donner has come on since she first arrived to us, we will miss her loads! She is well worth the time it takes to get to know her and with a little bit of patience and understanding she will bring so much joy to her forever family.

Breed Information: Greyhounds are very affectionate and love human company. The need to be muzzled while out. They love nothing more than lounging on the couch or a comfy bed after their exercise. They love to and need to run off lead. They burn energy very quickly but will happily do 2 x 45mins-1 hour walks daily. They can be vocal when playing and love playing “bitey face” with other dogs. They do feel the cold and need a coat in colder weather. Adult training classes will help dogs settle into family life.