Dogs Available For Adoption

We are delighted that you are thinking of adopting a dog from the DSPCA. The website is up to date with dogs available for adoption and we update it as more become available. Puppies are not always on the website so you are best to visit too.

 Opening Hours

Normal Weekly Opening Hours: The Shelter is Open Tuesday - Sunday from 12-4pm. No appointment is needed to visit us. Our shelter is dog friendly and there is a coffee shop on site where you can bring your dog. You can NOT bring your dog into our Cattery or the Dog Rehoming Centre so please make sure to have a helping hand with you to mind your dog if you are visiting to look at the animals available for adoption. No dogs should be left unsupervised in any area of the shelter. 

 The Adoption Process

Please know that we do adopt to families with children, we do adopt to families living in apartments and we do adopt to families living in rented accommodation. Every dog is different and has different requirements and we as a rescue have a duty of care to every dog and to all families to match them with the right dog. Please read our ADOPTION PROCESS before you visit the shelter as all your questions will be answered and you can register you interest to adopt.

We also recommend that you read "Are You Ready For A Pet" to make sure that you and your family are 100% committed to owning a dog and have the time and are financially able to care for a dog. It it a huge responsibility owning a dog and we want to make sure that you have really though about it.