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Hi, I’m Billy and I’m a 2 year old Lurcher

Suitable in a home with adults only. Needs to live with a dog his size.

Experienced owner required.

Not suitable with cats.

I came to the DSPCA from another rescue to find a loving home. The DSPCA help other rescue a lot and lucky for me they had a nice warm kennel all ready for me. I am a stunning boy with a heart of gold. Like all lurchers I am a big couch potato, after I get my exercise. My owner should know that I can be a  little nervous around vets so lots of patience and treats for visits will help. I’m a big puppy at heart. I like to have people around me and I get sad when they leave so someone around most of the time would help me in my new home. I have spent the most wonderful time in a foster home and although they love me dearly they are just not in a position to adopt me. I’ll be sad to leave but they have made my life so much better and I can’t thank them enough for that. Here’s what they said abut me;

My foster pawrents say I have an amazing personality and I’m the sweetest most affectionate boy around. I stayed with them for just over 13 weeks. It took me time to settle in and I did annoy them somewhat.. always looking for attention but I soon learned how to relax and to stop :o) I’m a big boy an I am learning about play biting. I was not shown as a puppy and it’s how I try to get your attention… my foster family said that I am doing really good at not doing it any more but hey I may start over again when I have new humans to impress. 

At first I didn’t mind walking by other dogs and even played off lead in a dog park. After I became a bit more confident and found my  voice I started to bark and jump a lot when I saw dogs approaching me. It was more of wanting to go over to say hi but not knowing how to in a polite way. I’m back at the shelter now and I’m going to get to play with lots of dogs so this will certainly help me release some of my built up energy and run really fast! – UPDATE: Well what a change I’ve made… playing off lead with other dogs is my favourite thing! It’s so much fun. The staff think it would be best for me to live in a home with another dog so that I have someone that I can play with. I’m so excited to find a home. I do need an experienced owner who will continue lead training with me!

I loved going on long walks with my humans and then relaxing on the sofa for a good snuggle after with them. I love lots of attention from my family. I am fully house/toilet trained and I have also picked up a few new tricks that I will happily show you in return for sausages.

I am a clever boy and my new human will need to continue on with my training and have lots of yummy hotdogs at the ready. I’m a big puppy at heart and need someone who has experience with dogs, I’m not a first time doggie :o)

Breed Information: Lurchers are very affectionate and love human company. They love nothing more than lounging on the couch or a comfy bed after their exercise. They love to and need to run off lead which must be in a closed safe environment. They burn energy very quickly but will happily do 2 x 45mins-1 hour walks daily. They can be vocal when playing and love playing “bitey face” with other dogs. They do feel the cold and need a coat in colder weather. Adult training classes will help dogs settle into family life. Continuous training is also very important for dogs and their owners.