Adopt A Pet

We are delighted that you are thinking of Adopting a Pet from the DSPCA

The health and safety of our staff, the community and animals is our top priority. The shelter will remain closed and not open for the public to visit. During this pandemic we are looking at a new process for ‘Virtual Adoptions’. 
The website is currently up to date with pets available for adoption. We will continue to update it as more pets become available.
If there are no puppies or kittens on the website this means that there are currently none available for adoption. You can check the website again at a later date.
You can “Register Your Interest” for a specific pet that is available for adoption on the website. Once this has been submitted it will be followed up the Adoptions Team where later a full application will be sent to you to complete.
If we happen to be receive multiply “Interest” for a specific dog we will start with the first “Interest” received and work our way through. It may be the case that we find a suitable home before or after your “Interest” has been submitted. Please note that if you are not contacted it does not mean that you were not suitable, there were just other interested parties ahead of you.
Before submitting your application please make sure to read the cat/dog’s profile carefully to make sure you meet with all the required criteria, i.e. adult only home, only dog in the home, not suitable with cats etc.
Home checks will be carried out virtually via photos or videos and your pet will be delivered to you. This is a new process and may change over time but for now we ask for your patience and understanding.



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