Other ways your company can support the DSPCA

Other ways your company can support the DSPCA

Fundraising at work

→ Bake Sales

→ Dress down or up days

→ Dare days

→ Sports activity

Charity of the Year

→ Choosing the DSPCA as your charity of the year is a great way for your company to engage staff, clients and board members to come together for one common goal. When a company chooses a charity to work with, you want the partnership to be something that your workforce and community of customers are excited about contributing to and supporting.

→ On choosing the DSPCA as your charity partner, we will work with you to agree a series of activities and achievable targets for your employees to take part in throughout the year.

Matched Giving

→ Matched Giving is when your company matches the amount of fundraising an employee does for a chosen charity. The fundraising of the individual, or a group of individuals is matched from the company’s own resources.

→ Matched giving schemes often see at least a double return for your fundraising efforts and are often used in combination with payroll giving schemes.

→ If you are an employee, you may not be aware that your company has a matched giving policy so always ask!

Sponsorship opportunities

We can help you to build brand awareness and give you the opportunity to highlight your corporate social responsibility credentials. As a DSPCA sponsor, you will be given full presence and association with the organisation, it’s commercial businesses and partners.

→ Co-branding opportunities

→ Support a DSPCA event

→ Support and collaborate with a DSPCA Community Initiative

→ Social Media Collaborations

Corporate donations and gifts in kind

The DSPCA have many projects and community initiatives that your company can help support and fund. If you would like to find out more about what we could achieve together, we would love to hear from you.

Email: corporate@dspca.ie