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New Veterinary Clinic at the DSPCA is now open.

Ring 01 499 4780 for an appointment.

This new veterinary practice  is a full service commercial clinic, not a charity, and therefore will charge standard competitive rates.  The DSPCA Animal Rescue and Rehoming Charity will continue to offer subsidised veterinary treatment for people in receipt of benefits in its Mobile Veterinary Clinics.

Offering the highest quality medicine in modern facilities, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive veterinary care for your pets through a combination of state of the art veterinary diagnostics, and a compassionate veterinary staff that is caring, professional and committed to the highest medical standards.

We believe we have the best combination of high quality medicine, convenience and availability, and affordability of any veterinary practice.  We strive to provide individualized, caring, and personalized service to all of our clients.  Our aim is to build  a relationship with you and to understand your pets health and behaviour patterns.

When you use our Vet practice for your pets, all of the profits go back into the DSPCA Animal Rescue Charity to help rescue and care for sick and injured animals & wildlife. For the first time ever, you have a choice to use Veterinary services where 100% of the profits go directly to helping rescued animals.

“We call it ‘double value for money’ – those that use our services will benefit from the highest quality pet care and at the same time know that the services of which they are availing have a positive social impact. From the DSPCA perspective, in these times of financial pressure this social business model will provide additional revenues and reduce an over-reliance on traditional fundraising initiatives."


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