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***Please do not call back the following numbers 085-8807012 or 085 8807009 ***

Reception is closed from 1pm - 2pm ( no drop off or collection between these hours )

Message from Pet Boarding - Bookings are coming in fast at the moment so to avoid disapointment please don't leave it too late to book your pet in for boarding with us. 

We advise booking at least 6 months in advance for busy periods, ie summer, public holidays, christmas, school holidays, etc.  Please note we will not board any dog or cat without veterinary proof of correct vaccinations so do not forget to bring your pet's vaccination card with you, please read about our vaccination policy here 

The New DSPCA Pet SPA Hotel is open!PetBoarding (2) 

No-one can replace you in your pet's life, but there are times when a really good pet boarding centre is the next best thing. 

You and your pets will feel safe boarding at  the DSPCA — we provide the highest quality, fully secure environment for your cat or dog who will be cared for by true animal lovers with a Vet on-call 7 days a week and a caretaker on site 24/7.

Common reasons for boarding your pet:
• Going on holidays
• Travelling for work
• Having a party in your home
• Moving house
• Have guests staying at your home that allergic to your pet
• Getting home improvements done
• You are in hospital or you are recovering from illness

At the DSPCA Pet Boarding facilities your pet will enjoy a happy and safe boarding experience, and you can relax, content in the knowledge that they are receiving the best care possible by true animal lovers.

Our new Pet Boarding Centre has two separate building for cats and dogs and are managed by experienced animal loving staff.

Our aim is to build  a relationship with you and to understand your expectations but more importantly, bond with your pet so that we are familiar with their individual personalities and behaviour patterns.

Our boarding facilities provide comfortable and spacious accommodation for all sizes and breeds of dog and cats .  The boarding facilities have been designed to suit every need, from small pets to families of large dogs.  Our indoor boarding enclosures are individually heated and air conditioned so whatever the weather your pet will be comfortable and happy. 

Our state of the art secure facilities, opened in November 2010, are in a relaxed and serene environment nestled at the base of the Dublin mountains.  

Our facilities have secure double doors for the security and safety of your pet and dogs will only be allowed outside when they are with us so you don't have to worry about your dog going missing from our facilities.  The double set of secure doors also ensure that your pet is safe from any unwanted visitors. 

Our facilities are alarmed with CCTV Security cameras and there is a caretaker onsite 24 hours a day.  Keeping our dog kennels and cattery separate from our reception areas means that no-one is allowed in the animal care areas without staff supervision, it is not possible for any visitors to just wander in which keeps your pet safe and secure while boarding with us.

To Book Your Pet in, please email petboarding@dspca.ie

Please note: We have a strict vaccination policy for the Health and Safety of our guests. All vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs, must be fully completed at least 14 days prior to first boarding date and must be valid throughout the duration of the boarding.  We require veterinary proof of vaccination so don't forget to bring your vaccination card with you. We will refuse entry to any dog or cat that is not fully vaccinated as per our policy.

Kennel Cough for dogs is an intranasal vaccination and is not part of the yearly booster injection for your dog so please check with your vet if your dog is vaccinated against it before making your booking.

Read more on Vaccinations

Supporter Privileges

If you are a monthly supporter of the DSPCA Animal Charity you can receive a discounted rate. Join today!


We have custom built individual and spacious cat enclosures and dog kennels which are manufactured in UPVC & glass and are ventilated, spacious & bright with good natural light.  We chose UPVC and double glazing glass as it is a non porous, fire resistant material and is a high quality material. The material construction is cleaned easily and does not harbour disease.  The construction of our kennels and cat suites also means your pet can't see their neighbours so you don't have to worry about your pet getting intimidated or stressed by their neighbours

Our facility consists of three buildings in close proximity to each other which are connected by a series of walkways but far enough away from each other to limit stress:

 - our reception area that so people popping in for queries, people dropping off and collecting their animals do not disturb our treasured guests.  For health and safety reasons arriving pets are checked there by staff to ensure no illnesses or disease is brought to the main housing areas. 

- our custom built dog kennelling facility - we have hygienic, bright, spacious and airy individual kennels for all shapes and sizes of dogs.  Each dog boarding kennel houses an individual dog and due to our high quality construction your dog can't see the dogs staying beside or opposite them. We also have extra-large kennels for multiple dogs from the same home or dogs who need an extra-large kennel run.  We have multiple acres of land where your dog will get supervised exercise on a daily basis.  For the physical and mental health and safety of your dog we don't have group exercise areas.  Dogs are walked at least twice a day and have two playtimes with our care staff on a person to dog basis so your pet won't get lonely and will get lots of fresh air within safe and carefree surroundings

- our custom built cattery facility - we have hygenic, bright, spacious and airy individual cat suites.  Each cat suite houses an individual cat. We also have extra-large enclosures for multiple cats from the same home.  Our suites have a penthouse sleeping quarters with plenty of room for exercise and stretching and we will provide toys for each cat, they will also have plenty of outside visual stimulation in the way of plants and wildlife.


When you use our Pet Boarding Centre, ALL of the profits go back into the DSPCA to help rescue and care for sick and injured animals & wildlife.

Bookings for our boarding facilities can be made by phone or email. 

Reception : 01-4994790 

Manager's Direct Line : 01-4994795 

Mobile: 083-1278008 

***Please do not call back the following number 085-8807012 ***


Reception is closed from 1pm - 2pm ( no drop off or collection between these hours ) 

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