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chipsizeThe DSPCA offers a microchipping service available to the public at a low cost rate in our shelter from Monday to Friday by appointment. 

The DSPCA has also been microchipping every dog, cat, horse and rabbit that is re-homed from our rescue and rehoming centre in Rathfarnham since 2004.

If your pet goes missing and is brought to the DSPCA, a Vet's, Gardai, another animal shelter or Dog pound they will always scan to see if the animal has been microchipped.  If a microchip is found they will search for your contact information so that your pet can be returned to you. 

The DSPCA receives reports about hundreds of cats and dogs missing or stolen in Dublin each year. Each year many lost animals are taken to pounds and animal shelters and fail to be reunited with their owner because they have no ID. Collars and tags are essential, but can be removed, fall off or become damaged.  If your dog is taken to a local authority pound you have only 5 days to reclaim it, after then it may be put to sleep.

The fee of microchipping is certainly less than the cost of trying to locate a lost pet. The cost of printing and hanging fliers, placing ads and rewards, calling shelters, and taking time off of work can be substantial. Not to mention the anguish and worry or worse...the heartbreak of being too late.

Microchipping offers pet owners the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet and linking the animal back to you. If you want to improve your pet's chances of getting home, microchipping is your best option.

It is the hope of the DSPCA that eventually all animals in Dublin City & County will be micro-chipped. It only takes one time for you or your family, the postman, gardener, meter reader, neighbour or friend to leave a gate open or a door ajar. Animals that get a fright like noise from fireworks have also been known to go missing. Animals that have not been neutered in particular have a desire to roam. Pet theft is also a daily occurrence. Animals such as purebreds, birds and exotics are valuable and are often stolen for resale here and in Europe. Even horses are frequently stolen and resold or sold for slaughter.

Micro-chipping is done by painlessly inserting a small microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, under the animals skin. Once in, the microchip cannot move or be seen but can be read by a special scanner. Each chip is encoded with a specific code number unique to the pet which is registered in a special database along with details of its breed, sex and most importantly, the owners name, address and telephone numbers.

Microchips are designed to last for the life of your pet. They do not need to be charged or replaced so you only need to get your pet microchipped once.

PetTrace Database:

If you have got your pet Microchipped by the DSPCA the owners details and the code are put on to the national PetTrace database, which is maintained by the DSPCA. If a lost, stolen or injured animal is found, passing the special scanner over the microchip will reveal the code. Then its just a matter of matching the code with the PetTrace database and reuniting the animal with its owner.

If your Vet has microchipped your pet you can register your details and your pets details on the PetTrace database.  Find out how to get your pet's microchip details added to the PetTrace database here. 

By law, all dogs have to wear a collar with a tag showing its owners name and address, but collars can break; identification tags fall off and get lost. Microchips identify your pet permanently and harmlessly.

The PetTrace database is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information contact our rescue and rehoming centre on 499 4700. Find out more details on PetTrace


Pet Insurance Discounts:

Allianz Petplan also offer discounts on Pet Insurance on animals that have been microchipped.  Please mention that you heard about Allianz Petplan from the DSPCA.

News 28th March 2013

DSPCA Special Free dog Microhipping Event

Sponsored by Allianz Pet Insurance


DSPCA welcome the announcement by the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney of legislation to introduce compulsory microchipping of all dogs.  The DSPCA is Ireland’s largest and oldest animal welfare charity, working with dogs and other animals since 1840.   It operates “Pettrace” in Ireland which is part of – Europe’s largest animal microchip database with over 54 million animals registered across Europe.  DSPCA’s Pettrace is on call 24/7 at 01 087 908 5422 and your animal can be traced across Europe .


The DSPCA announces the running of a Free dog microchipping event sponsored by Allianz Pet Insurance in their centre in Rathfarnham on Saturday 6th April from 10.00am until 5.00pm. 

Included in the special package is:

  • Implantation of the michrochip
  • Registration onto the Pettrace and databases
  • A new collar tag for your dog with the Pettrace contact details and a unique code
  • Microchip certificate


If you are interested in getting your dog microchipped please email and we will make an appointment for you.  We will need your name, address, details of your dog (only one dog per person please), email and contact number.


The DSPCA has been pushing for the compulsory micrchipping of dogs in Ireland for over a decade when it started to microchip dogs leaving its centre.  The DSPCA sees this as a significant step in the prevention of many issues surrounding dog welfare including dog trafficking, owners traceability and accountability for the thousands of sick, injured and cruelly treated dogs which the charity deals with each year.

If you would like more information about this and other events in your area check out here


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