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We Need Your Help to Change Irish Legislation

The absence of modern legislation in the area of Animal Welfare has resulted in a complete dereliction of our duty to animals in this country. Updated legislation on Animal Welfare is long-overdue and it is essential that government ensures it's implementation.


The Animal Health & Welfare Act

The main outstanding animal welfare piece of legislation is the long-overdue Animal Health and Welfare Act. The current Protection of Animals Act dates from 1911.

We are asking for your help in lobbying Government to ensure that the area of Animal Welfare Legislation is addressed as quickly as possible. Below you will find details on how to contact your local TDs and Senators.

Please take the time to show how important this issue to their constituents.

Key points for your correspondence:

Contacting Your Public Representatives:

Oireachtas TD Contact Details

Oireachtas Senate Contact Details

All telephone calls to TDs are logged and your local representative will be aware of the number of calls relating to a particular issue.


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