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Purina Cat Care Advice

One of our main sponsor's Purina has fantastic information on caring for a cat on their website.  Click to find out more information on:

Your New Pet:

Choosing a Cat

Tips on cat Breeds, Choosing the right cat for you, choosing a kitten, adopting an adult cat, etc

Pregnancy & Birth

Tips on if you do is pregnant, feeding pregnant & nursing cats, labour & birth information, etc


Tips on how to kitten proof your home, feeding , kitten health, obedience training, house training, etc

Settling In

Tips on bringing your new cat or kitten home, Home Safety, introducing your new pet to your current pets, etc

Food & Nutrition

Healthy Eating

Tips on the right food for your cat, snacks and treats information, food safety, nutrition a-z

Choosing the Right Food

Tips on the right food for your kitten, adult cat, special diets, etc

Nutritional Calculator

Create a personalised feeding and nutrition plan for your cat.

Eating Concerns

Tips if your cat is off their food, special diets, allergies, overweight cats, etc

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Living

Tips on all areas of Cat Health Care, etc

Health Concerns

Tips on Cat Health a-z, etc


Tips on Emergency First Aid, etc

Living with Special Needs

Tips on after surgery care, special diets, etc

Living Together

Get More Out of Life

Tips on Cat Playtime, Cats and Kids, Kitty Emotions, etc

Looking Good & Feeling Great

Tips on Grooming, Bath & Nail Care, etc

On the Move

Tips on traveling with your cat by car & by plane, travel checklists, etc

Best Behaviour

Tips on training your cat, aggressive cats, destructive cats, etc

Cat Care Questions



Ask the Experts

Cat Care Articles

Nutrition A-Z

 Size Matters



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