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Corporate Volunteering

The DSPCA will work with your company if you wish to have a group volunteering at the DSPCA as part of your corporate responsibility programmes.

We will gear the volunteering programme to meet your companies needs, you may do a full day or half days or week so let us know which you think would suit your employees.

Typical items that volunteer groups do to help the staff are:

♦ Cleaning our kennels and cattery for the animals housed there

♦ Walking and socalising the dogs

♦ Washing and drying the dogs

♦ Socalising the cats

♦ Cleaning our buildings internally - washing windows, cleaning the staff canteen, our shop, etc - this is a good one for people who don't want to be hands on with animals

♦ Painting walls

♦ Gardening - weeding, hedge trimming, planting, etc.

♦ If you have any budding photographers on-staff we can let them work with a few animals to take photos that can be used on our website and advertising materials.

♦ We can also look at people making toys for the cats and dogs so if you have any staff who like sewing, crafts or knitting and are willing to provide the materials this can be another area we can work with you on.

♦ Depending on your staff's skills and experience we could also look at jobs like data entry. 

♦ One area we really lack help with is software development so if you have any developers or dtp staff that would like to create screensavers, wallpapers, educational games, facebook apps, phone apps, software to help us work more efficiently that would like to do this as a project we would love to discuss with you as this could be done over time with your staff working in your offices and doing meetings with the DSPCA.

We can have up to 400 animals onsite at any time and we have a minimal staff to do the work being a charity so any help we can get is really appreciated.

Please contact Suzanne by email if you would be interested in discussing any of the information above.

Let us know your dates, times, number of volunteers and the areas they would like to volunteer in.

Read more about what to expect on the day and our policies and guidelines. 




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