What We Do

How you can help the DSPCA

It costs a lot of money to run the DSPCA and we rely on kids like you to help us raise money so we can continue to help all animals.

Sponsor a Pet

Check out our cool pets you
can sponsor, makes a great gift as well

Fundraise for the DSPCA

How to raise money and
Sponsorship ideas for
schools, kids, families and friends.

Looking for a present for your
friends or family.

Look here for some ideas!

Give a Donation to the DSPCA

Any money you can spare
would be great!

DSPCA Wish List

Items you can donate to

Become a Foster Angel

Would your family like to foster
animals for a few weeks?

Recycle your old Mobile Phone
& Printer Cartridges

At no cost to you, your
school or your family


Talk to your parents or guardian about how you would like to help the DSPCA.


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