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Go On Poison Patrol To Keep Your Pets Safe!

Dogs love some pretty gross things, like stinky feet. And cats lick themselves all day long! But strange as they seem, these habits don’t hurt your pets.


What’s dangerous for pets are the everyday things lying around your house. If your cat chews on an extension cord or your dog eats moldy food out of the garbage, he or she can get really sick. Here’s a list of things you should keep in safe places so your pets can’t get to them. Ask if you can hang this list on your refrigerator for the whole family to see!

Put A Lid On It
Those furry noses love to follow a good scent, but the rubbish in your kitchen may contain moldy food, coffee grinds, chocolate or other foods that can hurt your pet’s stomach. The bathroom rubbish might have medicines and paper towels with chemical cleaners on them, so close the lids on all your rubbish bins--and hide them behind cabinet doors.

Clean Up Your Act
Most people store cleaners like bleach and detergents in their kitchens or bathrooms. If your pet chews these containers or licks cleaners that have spilled on the floor, he can really hurt his stomach or burn his mouth. Keep all cleaning supplies behind closed cabinet doors.

Sometimes It’s Not Nice To Share!
We know it’s fun to share snacks with your friends (yes, even your furry friends!), but here are some foods that are yummy to us but very dangerous to pets:

Raisins and grapes
Onions, onion powder
Bread dough

Stuff Around The House
Pets love to chew on little things lying around the house. Make sure you keep their choppers away from batteries, coins, string, extension cords, cling film and glow-in-the-dark jewelry.

People Medicines
This is a big one. Pills and syrups that humans take can actually make your pets sick. Hide all of your medicines--and vitamins, too--behind closed cabinet doors.

Mean Greens
Some kitties love to chew on plants. Out in the wild, cats find green plants and grasses that are healthy for them, but some of the plants we keep at home are an absolute no-no. Don’t let your pets near lilies, azaleas, rhododendron, English ivy and yew.

Keep Your Pets Safe 365 Days A Year!
If you want to make sure your holidays are fun and safe, keep these things far away from your pets:

  • Halloween: Keep your pets away from trick-or-treaters (too many people will make them nervous) and don’t let them near the candy.
  • Christmas time: No chewing on ribbons or electrical cords, no playing with glass ornaments and no drinking Christmas tree water.
  • Valentine’s Day: No chocolate, candy or cookies.

Information courtesy of the ASPCA


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