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What You Can Do To Help Stop Animal Cruelty

Have you ever seen someone hurting an animal and felt like you couldn't do anything to stop it? Well, read on—there are important ways that you can speak up.


Get Help! If you see someone hurting an animal, or know of an animal who looks sick, injured or does not have adequate food, water or shelter, you can do something about it. Never try to help the animal yourself. Instead, tell an adult you trust. Together, you and an adult can call the police or your local animal shelter.

Write Everything Down! Be prepared to provide information on the cruel act that you witnessed. Write down what you saw happen, who was involved, the date of the incident and where it took place.

Be a Leader! Be kind to animals and others will follow. Let your family, friends, classmates and adults know that hurting animals is not cool.

Become a Junior Supporter of the DSPCA!  When you become a Junior Supporter, you join a wonderful group of people who are dedicated to our cause of saving animals, ending cruelty and promoting animal welfare. 

Fundraise for the DSPCA!  Organise with your school, family and friends to do some fundraising in aid of the DSPCA.

Spread the Word! Share facts and information about the prevention of animal cruelty and responsible pet care with your friends, family, teachers, neighbors and classmates.

Organise a Classroom Visit from the DSPCA! Ask your teacher to have the DSPCA come and speak to the students in your school. These awesome animal lovers teach kids all kinds of things such as pet care, dog bite prevention, how to pet a dog and how to stop cruelty.

Or Organise a Class visit to the DSPCA Centre! Ask your teacher to organise a trip to the DSPCA centre in Rathfarnham for you and your school class.

Start a Club! With the help of one of your teachers, organize an animal lovers' club at your school.


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