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Top 10 Things You Can Do for Your Cat

Here are 10 ways to shower your cat with love. Be prepared for some major purring action!


1. Get Out the Toys
Cats love to hide, stalk and zoom through the room. Play with your pet every day to keep her toned and trim.  If your kitty gets bored she will start being bold which you don't want to happen, it is not her fault, she just has a big need to play!

2. Learn Tail Talk
Kitty can’t speak your language, so she uses her body to explain how she’s feeling. If her tail’s straight up, she’s excited that you’re near. If it’s twitching or if she hisses, stop what you’re doing and leave her alone. Like everybody else, cats need time out sometimes.  Move slowly around cats, if you move too fast she might get scared and scratch you.

3. Tag, You’re It!
Be sure your cat wears a collar and ID tag with your family’s contact information, even if she never goes outside. Collars and tags are essential, but can be removed, fall off or become damaged. Microchipping offers pet owners the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet and linking the animal back to you. If you want to improve your pet's chances of getting home, microchipping is your best option.  If your kitty gets lost, up-to-date identification can help bring her back to you if someone finds her.  The DSPCA will microchip your cat for you, why not get your parents to ring and make an appointment with us?

4. Brush Up
Did you know that your cat has her own personal stylist? You, of course! Brush her at least once a week if she has short hair and daily if she’s got long hair.  Cats love to clean themselves and they can swallow their loose hairs which can make them sick so it is very important to brush your kitty to get rid of their loose hairs!

5. Claw Enforcement
How can you keep your cat’s claws (and your furniture) in tip-top condition? Make sure she has a sturdy scratching post.  This is especially important if your kitty stays indoors all the time.

6. I'm bored!
Cats get bored easily.  Don't give them all their toys at once, swop them on a regular basis so kitty has something different to play with each week.

7. Take a Closer Look
It’s no skin off your back to check under Kitty’s fur for lumps, bumps, scabs and flea dirt, which looks like tiny specks of black pepper. Be gentle—you wouldn’t want someone to pull your hair, right? Ouch!

8. Mean Greens
Keep your kitty away from poisonous plants, including aloe, lilies, English ivy, rhododendron, poinsettia and foxglove. Here’s a complete list of foods and plants that you absolutely don’t want your cat to eat.

9. Be a Litterbug
That means keep BUGGING yourself until you’ve cleaned the LITTERbox. Scoop out soiled litter and solid waste (otherwise known as poop) at least once a day.

10. What’s Up, Doc?
Make sure your pet has been to the vet for her yearly checkup. But if you think your kitty is sick at any time during the year, you don’t need to wait for her annual appointment.  If you think your kitty is feeling sick tell an adult so they can bring them to your vet.

Information courtesy of the ASPCA


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