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The DSPCA Education Department has one dog that accompanies Education Officer Gillian Bird on talks/workshops. Beckham, over his 9 years visiting schools, has proved to be a great asset when showing children how to interact with animals. 

BeckhamBeckham is a Labrador/Greyhound cross who came into our rescue and rehoming centre on 4th March 2002. His owner had left him in the back garden to slowly starve to death. Inspector Robert Kenny, following an anonymous complaint, visited the house, and on seeing the severity of the condition of the dog, removed him with assistance from the local Garda.

When he arrived in our rescue and rehoming centre in Rathfarnham he was checked-out by our Veterinary Surgeon who was very worried about his health. Beckham, as he was named, was so thin you could see all his ribs and he had pressure sores on his back legs because of lack of muscle and fat on his body.

On Thursday 25th April 2002 we went to court with Beckham’s owner. After a short court hearing, the Judge ruled that the owner be banned for life from ever owning a dog and a fine of €150.

Beckham is now owned by Education Officer Gillian Bird and accompanies her on all the talks. He is also a regular sight out and about attending events such as the RDS Horseshow. Beckham has been visiting schools for over 8 years and is a great help when dealing with young and nervous children.  More information on Beckham (pdf) or to read a letter from him click here. You can also see the video of Beckham's 10th Birthday party here.

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