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Animal Welfare & Ethics Information

Below you can find General Information downloads on Animal Welfare & Ethics Issues.

Sports & Hunting Involving Animals (Legal & Illegal)

Hare Coursing

Badger Baiting

Lamping Hunts

Animals & Clothes

Dogs as Fashion Acessories

What is wrong with Fur

Animal Products used in the production of clothes



How to be an Animal Friendly Consumer

Using Animals for Testing Cosmetics

New Information on the Use of Biocidal Products, (household cleaners) and Animal Testing.

Ban on Animal Testing in Cosmetics - 11th March 2013

Animals for Entertainment

Animal Circuses


Cosmetic Changes to Animals

Tail Docking in Dogs & Other Mutilations in Dogs & Cats

Veterinary Ireland Policy - Mutilations Of Animals


Animals for Food

The Link between Animal Welfare & Food Safety

Poultry and Animal Slaughterhouses

Pig Power



Smoking Around Pets



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