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Who is Responsible?

Who is Responsible?


Teacher Notes

Ages: 1st-4th Class


Objective: To understand the differences between responsible and irresponsible pet ownership.

Skill: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of responsible and irresponsible as they relate to pet ownership by writing stories that incorporate both concepts.

Materials: Dictionaries and pet care information. Essay sheets from DSPCA website.

Activity: Students will look up the words responsible and irresponsible and write stories about responsible and irresponsible pet owners.

  • Have the students look up the meanings of responsible and irresponsible in a dictionary.
  • Help your class form their own definitions for the two words and have them record the class definitions in their copy books.
  • Instruct students to write two short stories – one about a responsible pet owner and one about an irresponsible pet owner – drawing from personal experiences or pet care. information. Ask several volunteers to share one of their two stories and have the rest of the class decide whether the pet owner in the story is responsible or irresponsible.
  • You can use our Essay Project work sheets to help students with ideas for essays and projects.


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