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Word Searches



Curriculum Links: Language – English & Irish

Age Level: 1st to 6th Class

Aims: Teaches children to look at the whole word not just the basic letters. It also teaches the correct use of language and develops new vocabulary.

Adults and children alike love puzzles and word searches. They are a great way to interest children in spelling and the English language as well as teaching them the patience needed to complete a puzzle. You can even set the children to work in pairs or run it as a classroom competition. As an extension to these activities why not ask the children to design their own word searches or crosswords using pet names or topics of interest.

The DSPCA word searches and crosswords introduce basic animal based themes and are centred on responsible pet care and the work of the charity.

Corrected versions and answers can also be downloaded.


 Wildlife in your Garden   Answer

Ainmhithe Allta      Answer

Taispeántas Marcaíochta   Answer 



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