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Alex Petrilli Dog Trainer


Alex Petrilli has more than 15 years of experience training dogs. He trained at one of the top dog training schools in Italy and is a certified trainer with the Italian regulated body of FICSS. In Italy Alex Petrilli worked with the Emergency Response Unit and Fire Brigade, training and handling dogs that rescue people from dangerous situations and natural disasters such as earth quakes, floods and avalanches. Alex studied Zoology and Genetics at University and specialised in applied animal Behaviour.   He continued his studies at Queen's University, were he completed his Master's Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, with his research focusing on the use of acoustical enrichment in the animal shelter environment, in order to improve the quality of life for these animals. Alex Petrilli does not believe in the domination theory, instead he believes that the best approach for training dogs is to educate them while having fun in your family circle. Alex


Alex Petrilli  firmly believes that dog training can only be achieved when the owner fully understands how to best communicate with their dog, and that any dog can learn to change his behaviour once the owner learns the basics and uses a consistent approach. Alex is head of the Dublin SPCA training programme and assesses and rehabilitates rescue dogs. AlexPetrilli is the founder of Kingofpaws training academy and lives in Dublin with his wife, his 2 children and his 2 dogs Zara and Luna.

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