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County & City Council Control of Horses Information

Dublin County & City Council Control of Horses Contact Information

Fingal County Council - Tel: (01) 8906783

South Dublin County Council - Tel: (01) 4149000

Dublin City Council - Tel: (01) 2226710 or the main Dublin City Council number of (01) 2222222

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council - Tel: (01) 205 4771

Under the Control of Horses Act 1996, County or City Councils can seize the following animals:

  • horses
  • donkey
  • mules
  • hinnies
  • ponies

Some of the reasons for seizure are as follows:

  1. If horses are found wandering on public land.
  2. If horses are on private land without permission from the landowner.
  3. If horses cause danger to property or persons.
  4. If horses cause a nuisance.
  5. If horses are stabled in a front or rear garden.
  6. Unlicensed horses.

Requirements for Horse Ownership:

Individuals may only have ownership of a horse in the Council area, if the individual is in possession of a horse licence. This ensures adequate facilities and permission from a landowner for the safe keeping of the horse, which is passed by inspection from the Council Veterinary Section. Horse Licences are available from your Council or City Council.

EU legislation dictates that all horse owners must be in possession of a horse passport to identify themselves as the owner of the animal and to have a detailed description of your animal including the microchip number. This can be obtained from the Irish Horse Board. Phone (01) 5053584.

Process Of Horse Seizure:

Horses that have been seized are transported to the Councils horse pound. A detailed description of the horse is taken and it is scanned for a microchip. If the horse does not have one a microchip is inserted. This is for identification purposes. The owner (if known) will be notified. Otherwise, a notice is displayed in a public place (usually a Garda Station) detailing the horse(s) seized and stating that if not claimed within 5 days the horses will be disposed of by the Council's Pound.

Each council has charges for reclaiming a horse. All charges are per horse and must be paid before the horse(s) are released.


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