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Some of our guests

Our First Anniversary Competition Winners are Vince & Brandon:

Vince HipilitoBrandon Hurley

Vince                                                                                 Brandon

Here are some pictures of our guests chilling out in their homes!  Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!!!

Elmo watson

Saul watson 

Saul and Elmo - I am so thrilled to have found somewhere to leave my treasures and not fret about it.  Moreover, they don't fret about it!!!  What more could we ask for? Thanks for looking after them so well for us.  

Brandon Hurley

Brandon has stayed in the DSPCA Boarding Facility several times during the past year. This is the 1st and ONLY boarding we have used. It is run by hardworking, dedicated animal lovers and therefore I have no hesitation having him stay there. I know he will have regular walks, playtimes and cuddles in a safe and secure setting.


George Conneff


George has stayed a few times now at the DSPCA, and will be back again over Christmas. We know he is so well looked after while he's there - thanks to everyone who takes care of him




jake groves


We were very happy with pet boarding, the kennels were inside and were very clean, and Jake was always very happy there and seemed to get a lot of attention and cuddles.




bruno ward


Thanks for the care that Bruno got when he boarded with you in the summer.




Isabella mcaffee 

Isabella stayed at the Boarding Centre in June of this year. She really liked it. Thanks for looking after her so well.





Simba Hughes




Simba says he is very happy staying with you but would prefer if we didn't go away! We don't like leaving Simba but feel confident that we are leaving him in safe hands.





 Sylvester Vogels



Sylvester - Thanks for all the good care you give him when he is over




garfield pitcher




Garfield has stayed with you twice since you opened, once for 5 nights and the second time for 2 weeks. He loved it there :-)



 Mack Russell



Mack was one of the first to stay at the kennels when it first opened back in November, and has stayed numerous times since, he loves it, and so do we.


 Sandy Noonan






Sandy - Thanks for looking after her so well.


Abbey McCullaghcoco davis

Abbey                                                                                 Coco      

Gertie Kennedyhoney mccarthy

Gertie                                                                                    Honey

Honey OwensLauren Spies

Honey                                                                                    Lauren

Jeffrey DuffinLex and Mishie Williams

Jeffrey                                                                           Lexi and Mishie

MartinandCainemax morano

Caine and Martin                                                            Max

Molly HodderPepito & Erica Casas

Molly                                                                                Pepito and Erica

Olly LaneVince Hipilito 

Olly                                                                                    Vince

Scoby & Cody QuinnMelvin ONeill

Scoby and Cody                                                         Melvin

Homer SaundersSadie and Lola Saunders

Homer, Sadie and Lola


Father Murphy and the Big O

shadow twomey leequeenie twomey lee

Shadow and Queenie

Milo_PearsonLucy OKeefe

Milo                                                                                    Lucy

Sooty and Sweep Melnndenzel

Sooty and Sweep                                                             Denzel

Nemo ODuffyFester

Nemo & Fester

Fred BrennanCarrie Taylor

Fred                                                                        Carrie

Ziggy KennedyRolo Weir

Ziggy                                                                        Rolo


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