Animal Care

Farmyard Animals

Wherever they are kept, all species of farm animals have certain basic needs that must be adequately catered for if the animals are to have an acceptable quality of life.

These include:

  • adherment to Irish legislation concerning that animal, go to for more information on Irish legislation.
  • continuous ready access to an adequate supply of clean, fresh drinking water
  • provision of feed of a type and form appropriate to the age and species of animal, to maintain them in good health and to satisfy their nutritional needs. Such foodstuffs should be properly protected from rodents and other pests.
  • continuous access to shelter, free from sharp edges, protrusions etc. which could cause injury, and including a clean, dry, well-bedded lying or roosting (for poultry) area large enough to allow all animals using the shelter to lie down (or roost) together at the same time.
  • additional space and a suitable environment for exercise, feeding, dunging and the expression of natural behaviours.
  • competent care and management from those with the knowledge and skill to ensure the animals' wellbeing.
  • regular, frequent inspection (at least daily, and more frequently for vulnerable animals such as those that are ill, or very young) of each animal.
  • appropriate preventative and/or curative veterinary treatment available at all times. Vaccinations, should be carried out by a veterinary surgeon, who should also advise on worming. Foot trimming of goats should be carried out either by the vet, or some other competent person.
  • company of their own kind - animals should not be kept isolated from others.







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