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DSPCA - Combating the illegal Puppy Trade Conference

The DSPCA are hosting a two hour conference on the illegal Puppy Trade.

This event will take place on Thursday 6th October 2016 at 7.00pm in the Mason Hayes Curran Auditorium, UCD Law School, Belfield, Dublin 4.

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Mans Best Friend? - The Puppy Trade Industry


  • What is the Puppy Trade?

  • What is wrong with the Puppy Trade?

  • What is the extent of the Puppy Trade?

  • What are Government Agencies and

  • Animal Welfare organisations doing about this trade?

  • What can you do?

Key speakers:


Samantha (Sam) Polling is an award winning

investigative journalist with BBC Scotland. She investigated the

Puppy trade from Ireland to Scotland over two years and was the

presenter of the BBC Panorama documentary: ‘The Dog Factory’.

Marc Abraham or ‘Marc the vet’ is a practicing Vet,

Author and animal welfare campaigner based in Brighton, England.

Marc is currently The UK’s ‘Vet of the year’ and he founded

‘PupAid’ in 2009 to highlight the plight of Puppy farmed dogs.

Joe Moran is a Senior lobbyist at Eurogroup for Animals,

the representative confederation of animal protection organisations

at EU level, where he leads on companion animals. Joe was

instrumental in the strategic development, coordination and

execution of Eurogroup for Animals' recent Protect Our Pets

campaign, to the adoption of the European Parliament's Resolution

on the introduction of compatible systems of the registration of pet


Mark Rafferty is the head of the Scottish SPCA special

investigation unit. He was a member of the police and was a

founding member of ‘Operation Delphin’ a cooperation between

Welfare Groups, Taxation and Customs authorities in Ireland and

UK targeting the illegal puppy trade.

Brian Gillen is CEO of DSPCA based at our campus in

Rathfarnham , Dublin. He has lobbied for the introduction of

significant legislation in animal welfare in Ireland and has worked

with our inspectorate at DSPCA in targeting the illegal aspects of

the Puppy trade in Ireland.


There is no admission charge for this conference and free car

parking is available at UCD. Admission is available by

preregistration only.

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