How You Can Help

Please tell your Friends, Family & Work Colleagues about us!

If we had €10 for everytime we hear from people that they don't know about the DSPCA and all the things we do our yearly running costs would be nearly covered! We don't have money for advertising so we rely on kind people like you to help spread the word about the DSPCA! Please tell your Friends, Family & Work Colleagues about us! 

They may be able to help and support the DSPCA as well.

Here are just some ways they may be able to help us:

Do you know people who love animals, ask them to support the DSPCA, maybe become a monthly supporter or sponsor a DSPCA animal?

Tell them about our shop, they can buy all their cats and dogs needs like their food from us.

If you know someone who is thinking about getting a pet, tell them to think about adopting from the DSPCA.

Do you know someone who wants to do training with their dog?  Tell them about our dog training classes.

Do you know anyone who would like to foster one of our young animals for a short period of time for free?

Do you have children?  Why not talk to their teacher about coming on a shelter educational visit or have our educational officer visit their school, all for free!  Tell other parents about us.

Tell them about how the DSPCA is campaigning for better Animal Welfare legislation for all animals in Ireland and how they can help make a difference.

There are some many interesting Pet Facts & Advice on our website that may be of interest to them.

Tell them about our Website, our Facebook page, our Twitter and our Shelter in Rathfarnham and let them see all the good work done by the DSPCA for all animals in Dublin county. 



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