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Sponsor a Pet

Sponsor a Pet

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Sponsoring A Pet is the perfect gift to yourself or to someone who loves animals! 
By participating in the DSPCA Sponsor a Pet Programme, you are contributing towards the cost of your chosen animal's care, our expansive educational work and animal rescue service. Sponsoring A Pet is emotionally rewarding!

Your lovely Sponsor A Pet packet includes:

  • A photo of your chosen animal
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • Your pet's unique rescue story

You can Sponsor A Pet for as little as €30 a year or €3 per month.  Sponsorships make wonderful gifts for Christmas or special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Promotions, Graduations, Births and Memorials.

Sponsor A Pets are as fun to give as they are to receive. We'll include a gift card and mail the packet directly to the recipient if you wish. Anyone can Sponsor A Pet -- individuals, families, school groups, businesses, social or service clubs. Sponsor A Pet today and support the work of the DSPCA!

We have a wide and varied collection of different animals you can sponsor, below you can see just 6 of our wonderful animals that you can sponsor:


Sponsor Cupid

I am Cupid the goat, I have been told I was named Cupid after roman the god of love as everyone's heart melted when they met me so you can call me Cupid the goat of love. 
Read more about Cupid and our other goats.


Sponsor Damien

I am the big, handsome black and white cat you may see snoozing in the cattery office window as the sun shines in the window all day and I get to see everyone coming and going. 
Read more about Damien and our other cats.


Sponsor Vincent

I am Vincent the magnificent! The staff are always saying to me even though I am only a little fella I have a huge personality and a hearty appetite. 
Read more about Vincent and our other pigs.

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