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The DSPCA Archives Project

The DSPCA (Dogs & Cats Home) Archives project is dedicated to preserving and protecting all material in its possession related to the rich history of the organisation  to share with future generations.

The DSPCA Archives project is dedicated to preserving a unique story - one not told anywhere else. The Archives also plan to provide access for research purposes and to cultivate financial support to enable further growth of the collection. The Archives are an irreplaceable source of information about the history of the humane movement in Ireland, the city of Dublin and society at large.

Begun in 1840, the DSPCA incorporating the Dublin Dogs Home and the Home for Starving and Forsaken Cats grew into the fantastic orgainsation we are today.

The early publications, original documents, law enforcement records, photos, works of art, mementos, and other historic items tell a story not compiled elsewhere. The purpose of the DSPCA Archives is to catalog and preserve these materials and to make them accessible for research and other uses.

Items in the DSPCA Archives collection include:
• Photographs relating to the humane movement
• A large collection of animal welfare education slides
• A beautiful picture showing St. Francis of Assisi
• A framed picture of “Humanity Dick” Richard Martin
• Photographs of past committee members
• Original committee minutes books dating from 1876 to present
• Agenda books dating from 1976 – 1983
• Dogs & Cats Home accounts 1913
• Notice of Motion Books – 1909 - 1957
• Original printed posters dating from 1874
• Collection of antique desk top collecting boxes
• Original Garda Medals from 1911
• Annual Reports from 1841 to present
• Newspaper clippings from 1960’s to present
• A collection of Working Horse trophies awarded annually at the Royal Dublin Horse Show
• Original video material and copies of TV/radio interviews and appearances by the Society

While the DSPCA is in its second century, efforts to research, catalogue, and preserve the history of the Society are very new. Regrettably, many items that constitute this history have been lost. While money is essential, your assistance is also needed to locate items relevant to our history. If you have items of historical significance to the DPCA and you would like to let us see them, please contact Gillian Bird on 4994705, email gillian.bird@dspca.ie or post to DSPCA, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

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