What We Do

The DSPCA Mission & Philosophy

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals mission is to prevent cruelty and neglect of animals through fostering the compassionate relationship between animals and people. It is a charitable, non-profit, independent organisation. It operates in Dublin city and county. The mission is to be accomplished through education, advocacy, active direct care, pet population control, and screened rehoming.

The DSPCA helps all animals – including elderly, sick, injured, cruelly treated, feral or aggressive ones. We believe that every creature deserves compassion and help, especially those that are sick, injured or have been victims of cruelty. These animals are the ones who need us the most, and it is our mission to do our best for them.

We offer a variety of educational programs to help people learn the best way to care for their pets and by working with children, students and adults help them learn how to prevent neglect and cruelty.

Animals who are suitable for rehoming at the DSPCA remain in our rescue and rehoming centre until we can find them a new home, we have no time limit for rehomeable animals. While most pets are rehomed within a few days, some stay with us longer before finding a new home. The staff at the DSPCA works hard to find loving, new homes for all the animals.  

Because we accept all animals, we unfortunately must euthanise those that are a serious danger to people or who are very sick or injured and it is kinder to the animal to euthanise them. Euthanasia is a heart-breaking task that is necessary for those animals that cannot be healed, rehomed or released back to the wild. We rehome our animals to the best environment suited to their needs and the needs of their new owners.  Our aim is to prevent euthanasia and to ensure all animals are in loving homes or released safely into the wild.



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