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microchippingdogWHAT IS PetTrace?  PetTrace is a national computerised pet recovery network which facilitates the return of lost or stolen animals through the use of a small microchip or tag. It is a permanent and invisible way of identifying your pet.  

PetTrace is in association with Allianz Direct Pet Insurance 

HOW DOES IT WORK?   All your pet's microchip details and your contact details will be added to the PetTrace database. If your pet goes missing and is brought to the DSPCA, a Vet's, Gardai, another animal shelter or Dog pound they will always scan to see if the animal has been microchipped.  If a microchip is found they will search for your contact information so that your pet can be returned to you. 

When you register your pet on the PetTrace database you will also get a collar tag, which your pet should wear. This tag displays a PIN number along with a phone number to call if the animal is found. The PIN number can also be used to gain the pet owners details from and eliminates the need for the pet to be scanned for the microchip. 

We will also take a secondary contact so if you are on holidays and cannot be contact the secondary person will be contacted so you don't have to worry about being out of reach!

WHAT IS A MICROCHIP?  An insulated computer chip, as small as a grain of rice, is implanted under the skin of your pet.  It is a safe, painless and quick process.  Each chip has a unique number which can be read by a small scanner.   Microchipping is suitable for all animals and is compulsary under the Control of Horses Act, Guard Dog legislation and for animals being exported to certain countries. Find out more about Microchipping.

The DSPCA offers a microchipping service to the public in our shelter from Monday to Friday by appointment at a low cost rate. Your details will automatically be entered into the PetTrace database as part of this service. Your Vet will also microchip your pet for you but will not be able to register your pet in PetTrace so you need to register your pet. 

HOW CAN I REGISTER MY PET? To register with PetTrace, download the Registration form.

Once you have completed the form you can drop it into the shelter or post it to the DSPCA.  It costs €7.50 to register your pet with PetTrace.  You can pay by cash, laser or credit card if you are dropping the form into the shelter. If you are going to post the form please include a cheque or postal order. 

Post it to PetTrace at the following address:  

Mount Venus Road,
Dublin 16.  

We will forward a certificate to you to confirm that your pet has been added to the PetTrace database. If you have any questions you can contact PetTrace on 087 908 5422.

To Verify chip number or caller ID Tag
Telephone Pet Trace 24/7 on: 087 908 5422    

The DSPCA also works closely with and  


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