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DSPCA's Educational Service

The purpose of the DSPCA's Educational Service is to further the Society's objectives in preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. We offer a FREE education programme, including visits by our Education Officers to local schools and tours to our center.

The DSPCA believes that raising people's awareness is the best insurance against cruelty to all animals. The Society's Education Service plays a leading role in raising public awareness by providing a comprehensive package in animal welfare education for students, teachers, youth organisations and the general public with a focus on life-long learning.

The DSPCA strives to promote respect and compassion for animals in all sections of our community and beyond.

Why Students Benefit:

The DSPCA's education service teaches compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals, humans and the environment we all share.

We encourage children to recognise that all animals and creatures matter, not only the cute friendly ones.

Children may realise that while humans dominate the planet we live on, they must learn to share it with all other creatures.

The DSPCA believes that by understanding our place in the world we develop empathy and respect for all life.

Education Activities:

Each year our Education Officer Gillian Bird along with her team of Education Outreach Volunteers speak to in excess of 12,000 young people. She does this by visiting pre-school, primary and secondary schools, 3rd level colleges in Dublin City and County; also adult and family project groups and correctional facilities; including juvenile and adult.  They also gives tours of the animal rescue and rehoming centre to visiting groups.

The Education team are happy to work with all ages and will create an age/ability appropriate session to suit each group.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment to visit the DSPCA Animal Centre or for Gillian or one of her team to visit your school or group; please Tel: (01) 4994700 or email your enquiry to gillian.bird@dspca.ie

If you wish to learn more about the work of the DSPCA Education Department, please contact Gillian Bird on 01-4994705

Education in Schools

Primary Schools:
Through tours and in-class talks we can work with all ages of students and are happy to create an age/ability appropriate session tailored to your group’s interests. We can work around any subject including the ‘Myself and the Wider World’ strand of the S.P.H.E. and S.E.S.E. curriculum. Find out more about our Primary School Programme.

Sign up for our Primary School Newsletter Email.  You can view the current issue and previous ones here.

Secondary Schools:
Through tours and in-class talks we can work with all ages of students and are happy to create an age/ability appropriate session tailored to your group’s interests. We can work around any Civics, Social, Political, Science project, and have assisted many students as part of their 'Community Action Projects'. We can also advise students with regard to Career Guidance. Find out more about our Secondary School Programme.

Tours of the Animal Rescue & Rehoming Centre

School/Group Tours will take approximately 1½ hours. This time includes: discussion session in the lecture room including safety issues and a tour of the Centre including Cattery, Kennels, Small Animals, Horse Paddock and Wildlife Section. Groups can use our coffee shop which sells drinks and light snacks.

We also have a gift shop selling DSPCA merchandise, animal food, toys and supplies.  Find out more about our Rescue & Rehoming Tours & Visits.

Education Poster Pack

The DSPCA produce an Education Poster Pack which can be used by teachers in primary schools as a stepping stone  to educate students on the basic responsibilities of responsible pet care and animal welfare. This pack is designed to bring our animal welfare message direct to schools.

If you would like to get a printed version of our Education Poster Pack please send a cheque or postal order for €5 made payable to The Education Department, DSPCA. Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

You can download some of the posters here:

Infomation Poster

Cat Care

Dog Care

Horse Care

Fish Care

Rabbit Care


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