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Loose Lead Walking

Oh my dog….I still remember when I arrived the first day in my new home
I was not really a pup anymore and I remember the first day I was introduced to this 6 ft long rope.


My dad (sorry my best friend) called me outside to the back garden. I still remember the sun was shining, the smell of the grass, the birds singing….alright, alright outside was gray and it was starting to rain, but dad had frankfurters in his back pocket and for me, that was the best day ever….OK?!

Anyway, he called me, he took me by the collar ( what hell are you doing I was thinking,) but he then gave me a piece of frankfurter and petted me and I was delighted. He took the rope and clipped it to my collar, another tiny treat and a pet again. I also realized he had another treat in his hand so I stayed there waiting for more.


He explained to some friends this was Step 1 of 3 and we were not going for a walk yet but he was only introducing me to loose lead. For this he was going to reward me every time the lead was loose. I had no Idea what he meant but treats were involved so I didn’t really care. I was hungry that morning, I didn’t have breakfast yet.

I was quiet, strangely enough, with a loose lead attached, he gave me a treat and petted me. He only walked a few steps and if the lead was still loose he kept giving me small treats.


I was not good all the time and if I was smelling something I would have to start pulling. He didn’t move, he didn’t follow me and I wanted to sniff, but he called me towards him, he had a treat so I happily went back. The lead was loose again so he took a few small steps and handed me more tiny treats…chicken this time I think!

He repeated this a few times and once I understood the game he added something new. When I was pulling he would stop. “Come here Kingofpaws” and when I turned to look at him he told me I was a good boy and he placed the treat on the outside of his left foot. When I finished he took a few more steps and put another treat beside his foot. I followed. He repeated this many many times on different days until I realized his left foot had something special………



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