Animal Care

What to do if a cat is stuck up a tree

Cats very often climb trees and will often make their way back down. Many years of experience have taught us that it's often better to leave them alone, as an early rescue attempt could chase them higher or cause them to panic and fall.

If it is fair weather and the cat appears healthy, please monitor the situation. You may find that the cat comes down from the tree on its own after a few hours. Leave some wet cat food, tuna, salmon or cooked chicken meat (no bones) at the base of the tree as this may tempt the cat down.

However, please contact the DSPCA Emergency line (01 4994700 option 1) immediately if:

  • the cat is stuck up a telegraph pole or electric pylon;
  • the cat is in imminent danger;
  • it is bad weather, or a hot day;
  • the cat appears to be sick or injured in some way.
  • it is a kitten or young cat that is up a tree;

It is important not to attempt to rescue a cat yourself. Although cats are agile animals they can injure themselves badly if they fall from a height and it could be dangerous for you as well. Always call a professional.

The same principles apply's if a cat has gone behind or underneath a shed, kitchen appliance or cupboard or any other small area.

The DSPCA acts as quickly as possible please remember that the DSPCA is a non-government, community-based charity and is limited in its resources.  


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