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Hi, I'm Damien


Landed in this gaff years back as a snapper, 3 months old with a banjaxed leg already in plaster. Ah well, still had 8 of me lives left roight and plenty of time on me paws to create a little mischief in the kennels an’ all. Wasn’t gonna let an auld bit of bandage put a stop to ole Damo’s gallop.

And anyway some cat had to put a bit of manners on this shower. Right bunch of waifs and strays they woz, ‘cept this one spanner named Hooch who came on the big brave Tom an’ booted me out to the barn. I tell yez tho as soon as me leg was mended I had that moggie sorted. Now whose the Kitty!

Ok, so I got a bit of cattitude and like to be left to me own devices. Yez want cuddles I’ll give yez cuddles... on my terms. And ya know wha, I like me comforts... laying about, bit of the ole sun on me tum... not a fan of the wet stuff or the cold stuff mind but what can I say, life is great at the DSPCA!


Damien is our gorgeous black and white cat and he joined the DSPCA family in early Autumn 2003 following a road traffic accident. He suffered a broken leg but was nursed back to health by Lorna the Veterinary Nurse and Neil the Cattery Supervisor. Damiens favourite past-time is snoozing on the cattery window and getting up to mischief with fellow residents Striker, Hooch & Miss World.

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