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The Geese

Hi, I'm The Geese

Hi, We are beautiful geese and love swimming in our pond with all the other geese and ducks who live here in the shelter.  We were brought to the shelter as orphaned babies. We were found helpless, tired, hungry and alone. The Vet Team nursed us back to health and raised us by hand. More details


Hi, I'm Nellie

Hi, I’m Nellie and I was found running wild in a very posh neighborhood in Enniskerry in the summer of 2007. It took 2 inspectors and a Garda to catch me - I may be big but I’m fast. Nine weeks after I arrived at the DSPCA I gave birth to 6 beautiful, bouncing, plump piglets. More details


Hi, I'm Vinnie

Hi, I’m Vinnie a.k.a. “Vinnie the Vegetarian” and I came to the DSPCA as an orphan, if you can believe it! I was all alone in this world until the kindest man found me and delivered me to the DSPCA Animal Rescue & Rehoming Centre. More details


Hi, I'm Elvis

Hi, thank you very much for sponsoring me ladies and gentlemen. I’m Elvis and I came to live at the DSPCA farm sanctuary in 2006 where they, Love Me Tender, Love Me True. I was surrendered to the

DSPCA as an unwanted pet – the Inspectors sternly told my former owners, “Don’t Be Cruel”! More details


Hi, I'm Jenny

Hi, I am Jenny the cutest wee little goat living in the DSPCA. You might recognize me by my hairstyle, the Jenny-Fur, I fashioned it after my likeness to Jennifer Aniston. Ah sure I am a Pygmy goat so I am, a tad smaller than the rest of this lot, but sure tis grand so tis living in this green and pleasant land. More details

Showing Pets 1 - 5 of 5

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