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Foster Care of an

Hi, I'm Foster Care of an "Orphaned Kitten"

By sponsoring an "orphaned kitten" you are helping the DSPCA to care for an animal that is not yet ready for adoption. More details


Hi, I'm Stryker

O thweet devine!
Of all the posthible namesth... they think thath funny you know, a poor sthray kitty with my affliction and they call me Sthryker! More details


Hi, I'm Damien


Landed in this gaff years back as a snapper, 3 months old with a banjaxed leg already in plaster. Ah well, still had 8 of me lives left roight and plenty of time on me paws to create a little mischief in the kennels an’ all. Wasn’t gonna let an auld bit of bandage put a stop to ole Damo’s gallop.

More details

Showing Pets 1 - 3 of 3

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