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Hi, I'm Lexi

Hi, I’m Lexi. I arrived at the DSPCA in 2012 as a timid 10 month old puppy. More details


Hi, I'm Daniel

Hi, I am Daniel, a lurcher cross who came into the DSPCA as a very sick puppy in the summer of 2014.  I now live with Gillian, the DSPCA’s Education Officer and I go into schools to help teach children why it is important to be nice to animals like me.

More details


Hi, I'm Bo

Hi I’m Bowie (Bo), a Husky cross who came to the DSPCA after I was found wandering the streets of Dublin heavily pregnant, soaking wet, scared and alone.  I was collected by one of the DSPCA’s inspectors who rushed me immediately back to the shelter. More details

Foster Care of an

Hi, I'm Foster Care of an "Orphaned Puppy"

By sponsoring an "orphaned puppy" you are helping the DSPCA to care for an animal that is not yet ready for adoption. More details

The Sponsorship of a Dog Spay

Hi, I'm The Sponsorship of a Dog Spay

By Sponsoring a Spay you will help the DSPCA continue its subsidised spay and neutering programme. More details

Showing Pets 1 - 5 of 5

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