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Happy Tail update from Squirt

Friday October 01, 2010

Squirt and SnowyThe DSPCA are delighted to see Squirt has such a loving home and has grown to be such a handsome, happy & healthy cat after his traumatic start.

Squirt and two other kittens were left to drown in a plastic bag in the Tolka River on November 21 2009.  PJ Costello was out walking his German shepherd Molly along the Tolka riverbank when the dog heard the kitten's faint meows.  By the time he found the bag, the two other kittens were already dead and Squirt was barely clinging to life.

DSPCA_SquirtHe performed CPR on the kitten by blowing air through a biro case and rubbed his belly to get him breathing again.  "There was a big meow and he was sick and all of this water came out. So I stayed up all night with him to see what would happen,".  Mr Costello and his wife Emma nursed Squirt back to health before taking him to the DSPCA to be homed.

Squirt was fostered out to one of our fantastic foster carers to let him recover and was then adopted by Valerie and her family.

Squirt 001Squirt was a big favourite at the shelter as he was such a lovely friendly little guy even after his traumatic experience.  Thanks to animal lovers like Valerie, our wonderful foster carers, PJ and Emma Costello this really is a true happy tail!

The DSPCA staff love to hear how our adopted animals are getting on in their new homes so thanks to Valerie for letting us know how Squirt is getting on.  Read Squirt's Happy Tail in our Adopt a Pet section.

We also have some new stories on Rossi, Oscar and Rolf on our Happy Tails page in the Adopt a Pet section so check out their stories as well.


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